Lesson Plan Resources for Teacher Librarians

Center for Media Literacy

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TLNing: Groups and forums have many ideas!
Librarians' Lesson Plans from Lesson Planet
Lesson Plan Database from Teacher Planet (Search by subject/grade/month)
Tennessee Electronic Library Lesson Plans
CLIP: Cooperative Library Instruction Project
See video
Video introduction to the AASL Lesson Plan Database

(Video from Vimeo)

15 Lesson Plans for Making Students Better Online Researchers
My Library Lessons (Elementary)
Library Instruction (Lesson Plans)

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AuntyTech - Tue, 07/19/2011 - 23:13


A collection of resources and places to get great ideas!

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Thanks for sharing ! I find

Thanks for sharing ! I find it is very informative and very well written one! Keep up on this quality!single mattress

its ok

its ok

Originally I had a short

Originally I had a short video and a book from Amazon as the last two slides--mostly because I wanted to try those features in Slidestaxx. I've removed both because they didn't really fit....and I've used those features in other stacks now.

Love Slidestaxx!!

I just wanted to try

I just wanted to try SlideStaxx...and I'm pretty impressed. I tend to think linearly in presentations (old-fashioned, I know) and wish the order would stay the same as the order I add the sites....Generall, pretty cool!! Much easier than taking screen shots of webpages and then copying and pasting URL onto the slide...and this is interactive.

You can add 4 kinds of resources: websites, photos (from URL), video (from Vimeo or YouTube) and product (from ISBN). The first slide is a photo created in powerpoint and uploaded to YouTube, the last two are just examples of video and product resources; the rest are websites. Remember, this was an experiment! I think this is a very powerful tool for both educators and students!

Note: This list is NOT definitive---just taken from my Diigo bookmarks. Please add any links you find valuable for lesson plans and teaching resources and I'll add them.

Thank you for trying

Thank you for trying slidestaxx :-)

I am glad you enjoy our service. Any ideas to make it better and more convenient to use are very welcome. We will try to correct the 'ordering issue' in the upcoming release.

- Wolfgang (from slidestaxx)