This is a map of the Middle East. Locate Sumer.

(Picture from

Notice the Sumerian cities are at the lower end of the river.

(Picture from http://drakenberg.we...)

We know about Sumer because of archeological artifacts like this.

(Picture from http://img.ehowcdn.c...)

This artifact is a tablet showing a Sumerian king.

(Picture from http://www.sun-natio...)

Artifact statues from the era give us some idea how people lived.

(Picture from http://larryavisbrow...)

King Hammerabi and his code of law. Written law is Sumerian in origin.

(Picture from http://www.wikinfo.o...)

Babylon was one of the great Sumerian cities

(Picture from http://www.strayreal...)

Skim read this web page.
Sumerians built mud brick step pyramid temples

(Picture from http://www.strayreal...)

Read about a new Sumerian city just found in the desert.

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